Founded in 2003, IstanbulSuites continues serving its customers as it has been doing for 12 years already. The central location of the company facilitates access to it from any part of Istanbul. We have in total 36 fully furnished and serviced apartments that are ideal both for short-term and for long-term stays.

You could ask yourself one of the following questions: How did it start? Where did this idea come from? Who is behind all this? What was the purpose of it? What did we achieve during these years?
IstanbulSuites was a baby idea, which arrived to its current status over all these years… The Idea was generated by Ziya Akış who is actually now the owner and a co-worker at the same time. He graduated from the Yıldız Teknik University, and then after he worked for 3 years as an engineer he decided to change his field of work and began working as a tour guide with Japanese and Italian tourists. After gaining some experience and traveling around the world he realized that a *residence* concept is alive and still up-to-date as it has been for a long time in Europe and that there is demand for it in Turkey as well(since people prefer living where they feel at home) so here is where IstanbulSuites come from.
The purpose of creating a new concept for short-term and long-term visits worked well as we can see many similar concepts appearing, because currently the region continues changing, and more and more residences keep appearing…

As for our achievements, the best of them is that we keep having more and more people arriving who choose us, and that is yet another advantage of being the first in the market.
The goal was achieved---thousands of people arrived from every corner of the world! And seeking for feedbacks and getting different reviews from our guests we try to change according to their needs and desires